The capital of grace

Becoming a blessing for others

The large jar in the shrine is symbolic of the „contributions to the capital of grace“: the personal sacrifices and prayers that people give to the Blessed Mother in the Covenant of Love and through which they ask for her effectiveness. The jar associates the biblical situation of the wedding feast in Cana: at Mary’s request, Jesus changed the water that the servants had filled into empty jars into precious wine so that the wedding celebration could continue undisturbed.
Today, too, Mary asks her Son for his miraculous intervention. The „water“ of the small contributions that we bring to her with faith and trust, she holds out to HIM, as it were, and asks HIM to transform them into „wine“ – into blessings for today.

Contributions to the capital of grace

The slips of paper displayed by the jar invite you to become concrete and to write down and place in the jar what you offer the Blessed Mother: an act of love, a specific prayer, a resolution … On the 18th of each month, these „contributions to the capital of grace“ are entrusted to the Blessed Mother within the framework of the renewal of the Covenant of Love carried out in the Original Shrine and then burned in the „covenant fire“.

If you cannot come to Schoenstatt to the Original Shrine yourself, you can send your contribution by post or email (marked „Letter for the Jar“). We will put it unopened in the jar in the Original Shrine.