Welcome to Schoenstatt!
An international, Marian place of pilgrimage in Vallendar near the Rhine, in Germany.

„Eyne schoene stat …“
is what Bishop Albero from Trier called the scenically beautiful place in the 12th century. From this the name „Schoenstatt“ developed for part of the town of Vallendar, a few kilometres from Koblenz, Germany. Today the name „Schoenstatt“ stands both for the international Marian pilgrimage place and for the worldwide „Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt“, which has its origin and centre here.

A visit to Schoenstatt’s place of pilgrimage and grace brings blessings, new strength and hope. Many people from all over the world have experienced this for more than 100 years. Here God has chosen and given a place where the Blessed Mother is close and active. We cordially invite you to set out on your journey!

Current information

„We are wanderers, pilgrims. Our heart is the heart of a pilgrim…
Where are we going? Home to the Father!“
J. Kentenich

Schoenstatt at a glance

a place
in Vallendar, near Koblenz (Germany), where the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet

a Catholic movement
founderd by Father Joseph Kentenich with the aim of placing the message of the Gospel in the present day

an international Marian place of pilgrimage
from which blessings radiate for people of all continents and cultures

a path,
that motivates to rediscover the joy of being a Christian

You can find more information about the International Schoenstatt Movement here: